Traditional IRA to a IRA Conversion

Roth conversions are becoming more popular each year, as Boomers realize that they may be in the lower tax bracket today than they will be in retirement.  As our government continues to spend, our country’s obligations continue to skyrocket… read more


401K Rollover

If you’ve been contributing to a 401K (or other defined benefit plan) at your place of employment, we applaud you for taking steps towards securing your retirement!  Many companies offer a match on a portion of your contributions…which is like FREE MONEY to you. read more


IRA Stretching

Most Americans remember Benjamin Franklin for the incredible contributions he made to our country in its early years.  As one of our Founding Fathers, his inventions, writings, scientific findings, political actions, charitable acts, and Constitution penmanship have earned him the title of “The First American”… read more



Tax-Free Retirement

You may have heard one of our ads about turning your TAXABLE retirement accounts into a TAX FREE lifetime income stream.  There have also been numerous books written recently on this topic. read more


Strategies Group Inc partnered with three Trust companies to provide personalized trust administration services for families and organizations. Asset Protection Trust is used to protect your assets from future creditors, divorce, lawsuits or judgements.

Tax Strategies for Business

We have a strategic alliance with two firms that specialize in helping thousands of companies reduce expenses and obtain large federal tax incentives that would otherwise go uncaptured.

Charitable Planning

Almost everyone donates to charities annually, and the majority are looking for ways to be more strategic in their giving. Discover how to incorporate charitable planning as part of a holistic wealth management strategy for families and charitable organizations.

401k plans

We specialize in working with associations and businesses to provide retirement plans that are cost effective and educational while supporting employees in reaching their retirement goals.


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